We'd like to thank a few people / companies who have helped us...

Firstly, obviously, RAJAR. Without whom we wouldn't have all this fun. Also a special thanks to their teams that manage the data on their website, without the structual consistency of which would make this project so much more difficult!

  • Toby D'Olier (@tobydolier) - Toby started smiling years ago and is the real brains behind RajarSmilies. He first bought RajarSmilies to Twitter, before we developed a website.
  • Fred Bradley (@fredbradley) - Fred has now built two version of - first back in 2011 and now this relaunch in 2020. He writes some half decent code and also still likes radio. Plus, he's currently hosting this site for free!
  • James Cridland ( - James very quickly helped us by offering an API to get station logo images directly from This enabled us to concentrate on the rest of the code of the site, without having to worry about sources too many logos!

Finally, a huge thankyou to our friends and followers on Twitter. Special mention to Sam Bailey and Geoff Jein who spurred us on to relaunching in 2020.

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